I just wanted a Blog so here you go!!

Glad you made it here.  Peace and Blessings. I was born and raised in the “D” (Detroit), was in the LBow( Lansing, Mi) for a minute attending MSU and working there for some years and now I find myself in the Big Easy(New Orleans). I am an eclectic soul meaning I derive energy from many different sources. I love a lot of things that may not quite go together. I have a BSW and MSW however most of my knowledge comes from everyday life, book smart can only get you so far in the world. Please if you have time take a look at my online shop of handmade items by moi @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eclecticsoul1975— I do custom orders too!!!

Most things you will find on this blog is information that is important in life (in my opinion) and some other things. I write whenever so no particular time line or what not.  Oh just some fun facts about me—I like being silly, I have some of the most beautiful locs on earth. I love to make stuff, no matter what, if I look at it and think it is nice, I make it or if something pops in my head I make it, it doesn’t matter. I have teenage kids which is a lot of fun. I never imagined being the parent of someone who is almost grown, that is really blowing my mind right now. I love to do Afrikan Dance (West African mostly).  I like most types of music. I love colorful thangs. I’m melanated. I’m open-minded. One thing I don’t like is closed mind, evil spirited persons.
Oh and if there is anything on my site that is yours and you want taken down or given credit please let me know, I have no problem given credit where credit is due.


Telihia aka T-Rocka bka Qween T and an Eclecticsoul from 1975

I have 2 tumblrshttp://www.tumblr.com/blog/qweent &  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/eclecticsoul1975

2  twitters: https://twitter.com/T_Rocka1975 & https://twitter.com/eclecticsoul1975

A Facebook page for my stuff: https://www.facebook.com/EclecticSoul1975

I do Afrikan dance with this group: https://twitter.com/NFungolaSibo

I have an etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eclecticsoul1975

Email: eclecticsoul1975@gmail.com

seriously some creative stuff in this shop:)

SN: I may not always use “proper” English on this page, but that is totally on purpose. For example I may use talkin’ bout’ instead of talking about, or I’ma instead of  I am going to.

SN: I am little weird so my post may be too, I don’t apologize just a heads up!!!


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