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Back in black

Fantasy landscape

I’ll tell you a secret.

It isn’t anything ground-breaking — it’s not even something that I’d ever thought about until recently — but it’s something that has come to my attention, and now that it has, I think I need to do something about it.

Are you ready? Alright then — this is it: I have never used black yarn. Ever. I wouldn’t have even considered it as something worth considering. I like things colourful. All the colours of the rainbow at once, or more subtle — shades, contrasts, tones and combinations. Buying yarn is like choosing flowers or sweets in a sweet shop — and it’s usually a case of the brighter the better.

But in the last couple of weeks I’ve suddenly started spotting some great crocheted items that are making me have a rethink about black. Take, for example, this super granny square scarf, as sported by…

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white women’s tears

Truth Be Told


White women’s tears is one of the main ways White American women have of derailing any talk of racism, particularly their own racism. It is part of a more general pattern of white people making their feelings matter more than the truth – something you see too in the tone argument, for example.

White women’s tears can come about in different ways, but here is the classic scene:

  1. A white woman says something racist.
  2. A black woman points it out. (It could be any person of colour but it works best against black women for reasons given below.)
  3. The white woman says she is not racist and starts crying.
  4. For added effect the white woman can run out of the room.
  5. Other whites, particularly white men, come to the aid and comfort not of the wronged black woman but of the racist white woman!
  6. The black woman, the wronged…

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DIY -Galaxy Bracelet

I think I may use this technique for a headpiece…hmmmm?

How to avoid Cancer

This is good to know.



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1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size.

2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person’s lifetime.

3. When the person’s immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors.

4. When a person has…

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“Now Pose For the Camera, Click, Click, Click”

“A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth. ”
― Richard Avedon

Part of creating and selling this wonderful jewelry and accessories that I make is taking fabulous photos of the items up for sale. Being that I am so far from being a professional photographer, I am never satisfied with the pictures that I take of the stuff I make. One day I hope to make fabulous money from my endeavors that I will be able to hire a photographer to take pictures of my stuff.  But until then this is what I am stuck with right here:

Okay please explain the expression on my face, what is going on in my head. I think this is in the bathroom, coincidentally where I take most of my photos. It’s all me taking these photos, with the mirror used to see how I look and with my arm elongated with the camera at the end. I tried some lipstick on with this one. I do think that my pictures look a little better when I put on some face enhancement. Look at the second picture where my lips look dry as h-e-double hockey sticks.


Why you mad?

The top picture one I really thought I was being artistic and stuff with the staunch and unimpressed  look. Now I look at it like “Who you mad at? But my hair is pretty though:)

And when I first started taking pictures I  would mostly take profiles, and still mostly do, because I don’t think I take too good of full-on shots. Look at my chubby cheek in this one.

Styling and profiling

Styling and profiling

Now see how better the picture is when somebody else does it. These picture were taken by my sister, I was tired of taking pictures at this point. The woman is my second-cousin. I think this is one of my favorite pictures featuring the stuff that I make. She prepared herself for this photo shoot too.

The picture in the top right picture is like those Cover Girl shoots right, except the only thing is that it does not show the earring very well

The picture in the top right picture is like those Cover Girl shoots right, except the only thing is that it does not show the earring very well

And then after looking at some of the pictures that people took, I noticed that the pictures looked good, in my opinion, with the subject was smiling and so began my quest to smile in all the picture I took:

Say cheese

Say cheese, and I watch too much ANTM because I tried to pose hard in the last picture

But one day I’m going to do my makeup some of the pictures on my pinterest board here: http://pinterest.com/qweent/makeup-for-performances/. I am pretty sure there is a Youtube video out there that would show me how to do it.

So then I discovered MS Publisher and that you can add an array of pictures to one picture so they bring a little more, how do you say?, umpf to the picture. Check it out:


me, myself and I


And then its some pictures I look at like hmm what was I thinking? I think I was trying to “smize” in the first pic. Yes I watch way too much ANTM, and if you don’t know what ANTM is, then you are just a disaster!!!

Is these my come hither looks

Are these my come hither looks?

And then I discover this other program on my android phone (picsart) that you can make an array of pictures in frames and add all kinds of cool stuff to the pictures. Look at those stars that just make the picture look jazzy:


Cool effects


And you can add numbers so that you can post this on etsy and give the people a choice, instead of positing for different pictures.

Sparkly, Sparkly

Sparkly, Sparkly, my items looks like “SUPA-STARS”(in my voice from that lady on SNL)

And then y’all I tried to go full make-up on that ass check me out:

Somebody called me in the middle of my session on the top left and thought it would be a good posing opportunity and what in the heck am I looking at in the picture in the bottom left?

Somebody called me in the middle of my “session” on the top left and I thought it would be a good posing opportunity and what in the heck am I looking at in the picture in the bottom left?

And then I try to be brave and do a whole frontal view.  Me no likely.

I had a pimple in the top picture so I colored it black so it could look like a mole. That seems to happen a lot.

I had a pimple in the top picture so I colored it black so it could look like a mole. That seems to happen a lot.

I realize that presentation helps when selling you jewelry. With that being said, I have these pieces on my Etsy page, but notice how depressing the pictures are. I really need to re-do these pictures:

Dismal display, blah!

Dismal display, blah!

And then you have the pictures despite everything you just love every element of the picture. With the next set, I love the color, my hair and my skin look great in these photographs. I need to take more picture of my stuff when I get my hair done, I think it makes a big difference:

I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful dammit!! (remember that song?)

I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful dammit!! (remember that song?)

And the little ‘ole camera that took this lovely pictures. I’ve had this camera for about four years now.

Nikon Coolpix

Nikon Coolpix

One day I dream to own a camera like this one:

One day I shall own something similar.

One day I shall own something similar

When I get a camera like the one above, I am going to make sure I have a stand to go with it so that I can add full body shots and  do boody “touches” as well (another ANTM term).

But all in all, I think I do a pretty good job to be the person behind and in front of the camera. What do you think?

Where Does “My Inspiration” Come From?

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you”.Marsha Norman

Sometimes I wonder where do I get the ideas to make the jewelry that I make. I know sometimes I would see something that I like and I make it, however most of the time it does not look exactly like the piece I was inspired from. I sometimes wonder if I have an ancestor that whispers in my ear some of the creations I come up with. Sometimes I would make something and then later on down the line see something similar to my piece and I say to myself, I hope I didn’t copy them. Sometimes I am inspired by other people’s design, but as I said earlier it when I do make it,  never looks like the piece that I was inspired by. And when I do copy am inspired by people’s design I wonder do they mind, should I tell them or pay them some type of inspiration fee, I don’t know. I know that I saw someone make the same exact piece as I did once and I wasn’t mad at all. I was glad to be an inspiration, it makes made happy.

But getting back to the spiritual aspect of my jewelry making. Whenever I create, I usually need a clean space(even though it may be messy by the time I’m through),  nice music and burning incense is a must. If I don’t have these three elements, my creative process will be stagnant. Not to say I can’t create without these elements, but having these elements are ideal for my work environment.

Okay look at these pieces for a minute:


Where in the H-E double hockey sticks did I  come up with these funky pair of earrings. The thing about these is that I was just playing around with shaping wire and came up with these. I don’t know if I’m going to keep them a pair or make other funky earrings to match. I really love these, but I do plan on selling them. I do make stuff for myself, but if the spirit doesn’t tell me to keep them, I sell them.

Here are two more interesting pieces:


I’ve been on a double hoop making kick for a minute, but these just didn’t look right as a double hoop so I just made two separate earrings, which turned out pretty nice. Oh I used an app to isolate the colors to, I think that brings more drama to the picture. SN: one I hope to make enough money from my site  that I can afford a photographer, cause taking all of my own pictures for my site is a beast, but I digress.

I think that for this earring I seen something like it somewhere, however when I made it I didn’t quite remember the exact way that it was made and kinda figured it out for myself:


I actually made these for my sister, I need to send these to her ASAP( her birthday was in December).

But all in all I think I may have had an ancestor who was an artist and created things, because honestly most of the items I make the design just pops up in my head and I have to make it before my soul will rest.

Do any of you artisans experience the same thing or something similar when you are in the creative process? Let me know with your comments.

Follow my tumblr dedicated to my handmade items @ http://www.tumblr.com/blog/eclecticsoul1975

Also follow my new twitter dedicated to my handmade items here: @eclecticsoul1975

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And always remember I love making custom orders.

This is a senseless act that is perpetrated my individuals with low self esteem. DV needs to be stopped at all cost!!

Making Waist Beads

Last week I embarked on another journey in items that I make. I started making waist beads. I was real hesitant with making waist beads because I fully understand the spirituality that comes along with making and wearing waist beads. Waist beads are traditionally worn around the waist and only are supposed to be seen by an intimate partner. People wear them for many different personal and spiritual reasons. I fully understood they are not just to be made and worn to be cute (which is nothing wrong with that), however there are many different deeper and spiritual reasons for wearing waist beads. The first pair I was asked to make the first pair many times. Actually this individual wanted some waist beads made by my girlfriend; however she never got around making them for her. So just because this individual asked me to make some several times, I decided to make some. Once I made hers I became overwhelmed with wanting to make more and then some more. Two other individuals asked me to make some and I did. I now really, really, really enjoy making waist beads. I find some kind of release of peace in a completed waist bead. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of what I call myself doing “crafting”. Not saying I made up the word or anything but that just what I call myself doing. But anyway here are a couple of pictures of some of the waist beads I have made so far

Some of these are available at my online store @http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/EclecticSoul where most of my items are 10 bucks or less.

Items from My Shop

Here is a sample of some of the items I have in my shop. Please take a look, has two of my favorite artist singing in the background, Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley interpolated perfectly. Mostly everything in my shop is $10.00. Everything in the shop is made by my hands and heart. My shops web address is: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/EclecticSoul


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